About Us

Shockwave Group founded in 2013 is a company who is simply brimming with potential and ideas that are certain to revolutionise and forever alter the state of the petroleum industry.

We are a company who place our people at the forefront of our values and as a result receive outstanding commitment from our workforce.

We believe that all work should be done in a manner that emphasizes safety, proficiency and quality, so that all our clients needs are met beyond all expectations.

Our Commitments

• Environmentally Green and Friendly Solutions.

• Proficiently and Cost Effective Solutions.

• Safety And Compliance.

• To provide for the Clients needs above and beyond all expectations.

Our Core Values

• Operate in a safe and controlled condition.

• Ensure safety devices are in place and functioning.

• Follow safe work practices and procedures.

• Work with a mentality and attitude which strives for zero-harm.

• Comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

• Meet or exceed customers’ requirements.

Our Pledge

• We, Shockwave Group and all our employees, are here to improve and challenge that which has conformed to the norm for so long.

• We believe that there is always room for improvement if we are to commit and dedicate ourselves to the task at hand.

• To always place our customers and their needs first.

• We will always strive to ensure the safety, environmental well-being and production targets of our clients.


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